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We started as an idea in the mind of President and CEO Michel Dubuisson. His idea transformed into a dream to use his extensive medical background and years of hands-on experience with the latest technologies and customer service as a way to help others. Applying what he has learned over the years, Michel turned his dream into a reality by bringing Radiant Transit to life with a clear mission, vision and a strong team of professionals. That vision is to help individuals in Florida communities who need assistance staying healthy.  Mr. Dubisson and his team strive everyday to provide exceptional, personalized transportation service to people who may be faced with obstacles such as absence of a vehicle, scheduling dilemmas, or simply a lack of available resources. Beginning in 2020, Radiant Transit opened its doors as a transportation provider to those who need it most. Our team provides non-emergency medical transportation services for our clients who want convenient, reliable rides to their medical care appointments and procedures. We partner with medical facilities to ensure their patients arrive on time for appointments and receive prompt discharge pick-up service.

Our team of licensed, experienced drivers ensure each of our invaluable clients arrive at their medical appointments on time. Our skilled control team will collaborate with patient managers, healthcare professionals, and government agencies to guarantee top notch service for our clients. The trained paramedical team employed by Radiant Transit efficiently handles the patient from first contact, during schedule arrangements, pick-up/drop-off at their residence, throughout the transport, and upon arrival at their appointments. Safety and comfort are guaranteed for each person we help while they ride in our fully equipped vehicles. We rise above the competition because our vehicles are fully equipped with the latest technology and negative pressure features, and each are cleaned between each patient. Giving back and helping our community is important to all of us at Radiant Transit. We have developed a mileage reward program and are the only NEMT company in the greater Florida area giving back medical mileage to facilities or patients who rely on us to get to their medical services.

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We understand there are stresses associated with medical related services. We also know it can be difficult to ask for help or know where to turn. Our elite team wants to provide non-emergency medical transportation to individuals and patients who rely on life-saving and routine treatments at healthcare facilities located in Florida.  Whether you have an upcoming surgery, outpatient needs, or require discharge transportation, Radiant Transit will ensure you are able to focus on what is most important to you and your family or patients you care for.  Our VIP fleet of vehicles are sanitized and ready to safely take you where you need to go or provide reliable pick-up services. You can ride in our vehicles with peace of mind knowing each one is uniquely UV Lighted for a sterile environment, cleaned to highest standards, maintained at negative pressure, and disinfected after each patient to keep you and your loved ones safe while traveling to and from medical appointments.

Ask us about our medical ride rewards program. We rise above other NEMT providers because  we are the only company giving back medical mileage to the company or patients who utilize us for medical transportation services.

Included in our services, is the ability to track your patients or loved ones during their rides, by viewing turn-by-turn progress utilizing the latest technology in non-emergency medical transportation.

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