Non-emergency Medical Transportation


Radiant Transit embodies top-notch, reliable health care service for patients faced with transportation difficulties and obstacles. Our reliable fleet of vehicles are operated by trained professionals who will deliver patients from their homes, care facilities, or healthcare locations to requested medical facilities with the highest level of care. Customer well-being and satisfaction are priorities we are committed to providing. Our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services assist patients who would otherwise not be able to arrive at their own to vital healthcare appointments.

Compassion and care are priority values at Radiant Transit. This means our clients can travel worry-free and their loved ones can be assured they are receiving the highest level of care they deserve. Our fleet of vehicles are designed to accommodate a variety of clients and patients by being stocked with high quality equipment. Contact our friendly command center team to easily schedule recurring service, one-time appointments, or follow-up care rides.

Allow our skilled drivers to navigate non-emergency medical transportation for you:

Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Ambulatory Transportation

Wheelchair Transportation

Stretcher Transportation

Bariatric Transportation

Door-through-door Transportation

Medical Courier Service

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