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As the Pandemic doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime more individuals are opting to stay home in order to lower the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Fewer people are taking public transportation, taxis and etc. because of the chance that they don’t meet CDC guidelines. This often leads to individuals who are heavily dependent on public transportation to travel to doctor appointments or the hospital with no options. Mainly this heavily affects individuals with chronic illness, the elderly, and disabled individuals. Radiant Transit gives these individuals a different option which is much safer since they go above and beyond the minimum set by the CDC for Non-Medical Transportation in order to protect their customers and staff.  


Prior to loading, Radiant Transit takes the temperatures of all patients in order to screen for any COVID symptoms. This is not required by the CDC per se but in order to make sure all precautions are taken radiant transit takes your temperature exceeding the expectation of the CDC. The CDC also requires non-medical transportation vehicles to be clean before and after shifts when taking visibly sick patients. The places that need to be cleaned are common areas touched and equipment. Radiant Transit cleans their non-medical transportation vehicles before and after shifts for every patient whether they are visibly sick or not since carriers of the virus could show no symptoms at all and still spread the disease. In order to clean their vehicles, Radiant Transit utilizes UV-light based cleaning. UV-light based cleaning uses UV-C light in order to kill genetic material like DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses which ensures no trace of the COVID virus is present within the vehicle for every customer. As for their trained driver they utilize protective gear such as face shields, personal protective equipment, disposable gowns when necessary, face masks, and gloves while in contact with patients. They also take it a step further by using a negative pressure purification system which removes particles within an enclosed area to prevent cross-contamination. 


The CDC recommends avoiding “multiple passengers who would not otherwise be riding together on the same route.”. Radiant Transits prohibits ridesharing all together to ensure that customers don’t risk the chance of contracting the virus from another. This allows customers to go home worry-free about if they have come into contact with carriers of the virus. You can ensure that the life of a loved one or yourself is being taken seriously during this pandemic. Radiant Transit doesn’t take this virus likely as you can see which guarantees the chance of you catching the virus is very low.

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