Recent Trends in Private Transportation

Recent Trends in Private Transportation

Wanting to avoid close contact with others, people have recently begun to rely significantly more on private transportation as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many people around the world are choosing to travel in their own cars rather than carpool or use public transportation. Although the number of people moving around in general has greatly decreased, there is a clear trend towards personal transportation.


Citizens are choosing to use their own cars over other means of transportation they may have used before. A 2020 survey conducted by Continental among five countries (US, France, Germany, China, and Japan) found that large numbers of people are using cars more frequently. In the US, almost a quarter of those surveyed are using cars more frequently than before the outbreak of the pandemic. As a result, personal mobility has seen a significant increase. 


This is not only good news for private transportation providers like Radiant Transit, but for their customers as well. People are beginning to understand the advantages of private travel. Customers increasingly depend on the safety and professionalism only a private transportation service can truly provide. When they need transportation to and from airports and seaports, they can use reliable, on-time services. When they need to go to a doctor’s appointment, they can ride in safe, sanitary conditions and make it to their appointment on time. When they need to travel to a party or event, they can do so in style.  


About Radiant Transit


Beginning in 2020, Radiant Transit opened its doors as a transportation provider to those who need it most. Our team provides a huge range of transportation services, including non-emergency medical, corporate, airport, and wedding transportation services. Clients who want convenient, reliable rides to their medical care appointments, events, and trips have come to the right place. We partner with businesses and medical facilities to ensure their patients arrive on time for appointments and receive prompt discharge pick-up service.


Even with the welcome arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, Radiant Transit understands the importance of maintaining a healthy and safe environment, especially in these times. We have ensured effective social distancing protocols, and we thoroughly clean our vehicles between each guest. Radiant Transit has even utilized UV light based cleaning and a reputable disinfecting system; vehicles are cleaned between each client to kill any potential bacteria or viruses. Radiant Transit has and will continue to follow changing CDC guidelines in our efforts.


Safety and comfort are the top priorities for clients riding in our vehicles. We rise above the competition: our vehicles are fully equipped with the latest technology and negative pressure features, and each is thoroughly cleaned between each client. Our team of licensed, experienced drivers ensure each of our invaluable clients arrive at their meetings, appointments, and events on time. When it comes to traveling in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale areas, choose safety, comfort, reliability, and professionalism. Choose Radiant Transit!

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