Why Trust Radiant Transit Over Uber or Lyft?

Why Trust Radiant Transit Over Uber or Lyft?

Why Trust Radiant Transit Over Uber or Lyft? 


When it comes to getting a ride, most customers, as in any industry, look for convenience and ease of use. This is why in recent years, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have exploded in popularity. While these apps can be convenient for the modern user, many don’t consider that there are other transportation options, and these options often work better than these ride-sharing apps. Read on to discover why Radiant Transit is your best and smartest bet in and around Miami. 


Professional Staff


Anyone can become a driver for ride-sharing apps. Ride-sharing drivers only need to follow the state’s laws on inspections for their personal vehicles and simply need to pass their driver’s test when they’re 16. The staff at Radiant Transit is composed of only the most experienced drivers. Our seasoned team of drivers gets you there and home safely without the hassles that most people endure. Our team has been living and working in Miami long enough to know it well. Every attraction and traffic pattern comes naturally to them, and you’ll be off to your destination quickly, safely, and without the hassle. Let us handle the mundane details so that you can get the most out of these incredible sites and events in and around Miami. Rather than a part-time driver willing to give you a ride on their way back from work, the drivers at Radiant Transit are fully trained employees who dedicate their time to your needs.


Premium Fleet


As with their staff, the standards of ride-sharing apps is low when it comes to their vehicles. While the app may tell you the make and model of the car, you never really know what you’ll end up in, until it’s too late. What would you do if you ended up with an Uber or Lyft that has no space for your luggage after a long flight? Whether you’re going to a party or to sightsee around town, our fleet of sleek, elegant vehicles are perfect for any and all of your transport needs. Radiant Transit puts you back in control of how you ride! You can select the vehicle and model for the ride you want. Our private transportation fleet includes the Black Cadillac XTS, GMC Yukon, Chevy Suburban, and Mercedes Sprinter. You will never have to worry about whether you have enough space for your luggage or company. 


Honest Pricing


Ride-sharing apps are notorious for “surge pricing,” a practice in which prices go up drastically during busy times and in busy locations where many riders are requesting trips. With Radiant Transit, what you see is what you get. The car trip can also be paid for in advance, avoiding any of these surprise upticks. Stay ahead of the curve and book your ride with us online!


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There are many options when it comes to getting around. But are you just looking to get from point A to point B, or are you looking for professionalism, reliability, and unparalleled service quality? Give yourself the quality you deserve, and leave the trouble of Uber and Lyft behind. Book a ride with Radiant Transit today!

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